7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit

Hi there! How often do you pick up dragon fruit at the grocery store? Probably never Right? It's not a forbidden fruit although it might have some connection with medieval dragon stories. Dragon fruit is delicious, can add a pop of color to your smoothies, salad bowls, and give you a blast of other health benefits.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit
Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit

Let's discuss why you should be eating more dragon fruit. Can it get you in great shape? Does it make your skin better? What about heart health and diabetes? Let's talk about all this and more.

1. Rejuvenates hair

Have you heard of a fruit that c
an act as a shield for your colored hair? That's totally weird. It's always chemicals that protect treated or colored hair, but dragon fruit might do the trick. Regular consumption of dragon fruit can give you thick, strong, and shiny hair. This tropical fruit comes from a cactus-like plant. It has got hot pink layers of skin with fleshy fruit inside.

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It's a mixture of kiwi and pear with numerous tiny black seeds scattered in it. Sometimes it also could have yellow-colored skin and white-colored flesh. This fruit also goes by a couple of other names like strawberry pear and pitaya. This is a summer fruit but you can find it in the frozen section all around the year. Also, there is a powdered mix of this fruit that can easily be added to a glass of milk.

Have this drink once a day for that luscious mane. Artificial coloring can be pretty damaging to your hair shafts. Also, the ironing, perming, and blow-drying can be very harsh if you have weak hair roots. You just need to gulp down this yummy magic potion once a day and keep your hair health intact. Also, some hair experts believe in squeezing the juice of this fruit into your regular hair conditioner. If you believe in hair masks, apply the fruit pulp directly on the scalp. That can help your hair follicles to open up and breathe.

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2. Loaded with fiber

There is no feeling more satisfying than an empty gut in the morning. With so much refined food in our diet, it's practically impossible for digested food to move forward in the colon. But fiber from natural foods can help push things ahead and empty your bowel. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of fiber. 1 cup serving can give you 7 grams of fiber. Having more fiber-rich foods in your system can not only keep your gut healthy but can also have a positive impact on your body weight. But that does not mean you just go crazy on fiber. The recommended fiber intake for women is 25 grams per day and for men is 38 grams. Anything more than that can cause stomach cramps.

If you're trying to add dragon fruit to up your fiber intake it's best to start incorporating more dragon fruit smoothies in your diet. The flesh is filled with seeds that can keep constipation away and give you protein as well. The combination of fiber and fluids can stop your body from going into shock with high fiber, especially if you have a routine of a very low fiber diet.

Try combining dragon fruit with chopped cucumber, cranberry juice, and honey. Blend it till you get a smooth consistency. You can also whip it up with yogurt, water, milk, and other ingredients like apricots and beetroot. Want a refreshing citrus drink? Add lemon juice, kiwi, dragon fruit, and water to your blender to make a dragon fruit cooler. It's perfect for people struggling with poor digestion. It also has prebiotics and can bring a balance of good bacteria in the gut.

3. Fights diabetes

Diabetics often are left with limited fruit choices. Many fruits have the potential to mess up blood glucose and are best avoided. But you need not worry about dragon fruit, it can have a star position on your shopping list as it is well tolerated by diabetics. It's also great for people who have a sweet tooth. Some studies have shown that fiber can safeguard heart health and reduce blood sugar spikes.

This fruit has a low glycemic index and encourages your body to produce more insulin. Having this fruit is just a breeze. You need to get rid of the thick leathery

skin by peeling it. If not you can just cut it open with a sharp knife. To find a perfectly ripe dragon fruit, pick only the bright red-skinned ones; the green will probably be a little underripe. Just like avocados, this fruit should be soft but not too mushy.

Once you cut it open just dig in with the spoon to scoop it out and devour it. You can also cut cubes and add them to a bowl of salad with fruits of your choice. Bananas, watermelon, and grapes would team well with it. Try experimenting with lettuce, tomatoes, oranges, and a vinegar mustard dressing. Fix yourself this bowl at breakfast and get a burst of color and flavor. Give your day a nutrient-dense kickstart. Read about the main causes and prevention of diabetes.

Dragon Fruit Benefits
Dragon Fruit Health Benefits 

4. Fights cancer

You can get actual health and wellness in a cup of dragon fruit. The bright-colored fruit is loaded with phytonutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants. The combination of these compounds can have amazing effects on the free radicals that produce cancer. Betalains and carotenoids are other antioxidants that can fight oxidative stress and cancer cells. Fiber from the fruit can also work against colon cancer.

5. Lowers cholesterol

Do you still snack on processed foods that claim to have low saturated fat? You need a real healthy switch. Munching on sausages, pizzas, and cakes is probably going to clog your arteries in the long run. Eating this fruit that's low in fats can combat plaque clogging up arteries. It's a great option for weight watchers too. The only fat that is present in this fruit is Omega 3 fatty acids.

Dragon fruit is super-concentrated with these beneficial fats. The unsaturated fats from this fruit can also help with steady circulation throughout your body. Also, the fiber from the fruit can keep your heart away from disease. It can even boost your brain health and keep inflammation at bay.

6. Relieves Arthritis

This fruit has started gaining some serious recognition as an anti-inflammatory. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Often accompanied by excruciating pain upon moving that joint. That is why most people suffering from Arthritis choose a sedentary lifestyle, adding up to more ailments in the body. But this fruit can reduce irritation and swelling of the joints. Studies have shown that diets that are high in antioxidants can help ward off Arthritis.

7. Fights aging skin

Some are blessed with glowing healthy skin. But premature skin aging can make your skin dull and old. While the beauty markets are loaded with cosmetics that claim to have the power to cure aging skin, you need something extra to nourish it from within. Dragon fruit has the perfect recipe of macronutrients to make your skin radiant. Sometimes stress, poor diet, and pollution can send you back a few years.

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Additionally, sunburns and dry skin can cause more havoc. The vitamin C content in this fruit can brighten up your skin. 1 cup of dragon fruit juice can give you 9% of the recommended daily intake. If you have a hormonal imbalance or just enjoy oily food a little too much, you will start breaking out just like a teenager. Vitamin C can come to the rescue and soothe a bad flare-up.

It's always fun to do some DIYs at home and with all-natural ingredients. You can use dragon fruit as a face mask by pulping a slice of it and applying it over the reddened areas. You can even add a few drops of honey and make your anti-aging mask. It can also be used for your sun-stroked skin after a beach vacation.

Surprising Benefits of Dragon Fruit
Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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Dragon fruit looks weird but its healthy. Don't avoid this fruit. Take care of your health.

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